Riot Lacrosse College Commitments

NJ Riot and Riot North Lacrosse are extremely proud of their players who have committed to playing lacrosse in college.


Mark Marino, Don Bosco Prep - Princeton University (NCAA D1)
Robert Simone, Jr., The Lawrenceville School - Army West Point (NCAA D1)
Dan Sheppard, Bergen Catholic, Johns Hopkins University (NCAA D1)
Duke Richman II, Saint Joseph's Regional, Rutgers University (NCAA D1)
Kyle Rummel, Saint Joseph's Regional, Colgate University (NCAA D1)
Owen Staunton, Ridgewood HS, Saint Joseph's University (NCAA D1)
Richie Reid, Bergen Catholic HS, St. John's University (NCAA D1)
Ryan Novak, Randolph HS, Quinnipiac University (NCAA D1)
Dylan Rummel, Saint Josephs Regional, UMass Lowell University (NCAA D1)
Hudson O'Hara, Don Bosco Prep, Bellarmine University (NCAA D1)
AJ Monaco, Don Bosco Prep, Bryant University (NCAA D1)
Jac Dimaculangan, Chatham HS, Kenyon College (NCAA D3)
Ryan Colella, Saint Joseph's Regional, Middlebury College (NCAA D3)
Gianni Graziano, Montville HS, Montclair State University (NCAA D3)
Colin Redmond, Glen Rock HS, Quinnipiac University (NCAA D1)
Cooper Kurtz, Saint Joseph's Regional HS, Navy (NCAA D1)
Cole Abel, Columbia HS, Kenyon (NCAA D3)
Noah Laurino, Ramsey HS, Haverford College (NCAA D3)
Tyler Holland, Randolph HS, Stevens Tech (NCAA D3)
Donsou Lee, Chatham HS, Oberlin College (NCAA D3)
Aidan Flowers, Randolph HS, Ohio Wesleyan (NCAA D3)
Ethan Lyons, Glen Ridge HS, Sacred Heart University (NCAA D1)



John Dunphey, Ridgewood H.S. - Princeton University (NCAA D1)
Luke Vaccaro, Bergen Catholic - Stony Brook University (NCAA D1)
Peter Murray, Caldwell H.S. - Marist College (NCAA D1)
Will Anderson, Ridgewood H.S. - Stony Brook University (NCAA D1)
Bobby Turso, Ridgewood H.S. - Mount St. Mary's University (NCAA D1)
Nico Kross, St. Joseph's Regional (NJ) - Wagner College (NCAA D1)
Cole Dawkins, Ridgewood H.S. - Monmouth University (NCAA D1)
Jack Sharma, Delbarton H.S. - Boston University (NCAA D1)
Will Messineo, Ridgewood H.S. - The College of the Holy Cross (NCAA D1)
Brian Winters, Bergen Catholic H.S. - Tufts University (NCAA D3)
Ryan Gess, Ridgewood H.S. - Gettysburg College (NCAA D3)
Nick Muller, Bergen Catholic H.S. - Lafayette College (NCAA D1)
Gavin Starr, Valley Central H.S. (NY) - Caldwell University (NCAA D2)
Joe Leone, Delbarton, Stevens Institute of Technology (NCAA D3)
Jacob Michalski, Morristown H.S. - Salisbury University (NCAA D3)
Reece Molinaro, West Essex HS - Steven's Institute of Technology (NCAA D3)
Jared Zevzavadjian, St. Joseph's Regional (NJ) - Salve Regina University (NCAA D3)
Max Morosoff, Vernon H.S. - Cabrini University (NCAA D3)
Joe Porto, Trinity-Pawling School - Clarkson University (NCAA D3)
Gavin Trahan, Nyack H.S. (NY) - Union College (NCAA D3)
Michael Falek, Tenafly H.S. - Wooster College (NCAA D3)
Nick Paletta, Pearl River H.S. (NY) - Stevenson University (NCAA D3)
Marc Manfredonia, Saint Joseph's Regional H.S. - University of Mary Washington (NCAA D3)
Andrew Novak, Randolph HS (NJ) - Univ of Scranton (NCAA D3)
Connor Coughlin, West Essex HS - Stevens Institute of Technology (NCAA D3)
Copper Dimmick, Whippany Park HS, Western New England University (NCAA D3)
Troy Almendras, Fair Lawn HS, Kean College (NCAA D3)
Patrick Bourke, Randolph HS, Montclair State University (NCAA D3)
Michael Drago, West Essex HS, Muhlenberg (NCAA D3)
Peter Pitrelli, Bergen Catholic HS, Elizabethtown College (NCAA D3)
Brady Twomey, Bergen Catholic HS, Bentley University (NCAA D3)
Kieran Koenke, Westfield HS, Susquehanna University (NCAA D3)
Liam Shanley, Cornwall HS (NY), Utica College (NCAA D3)
Jon Ruff, Westwood HS, Harford CC




Justin Lawler, Randolph H.S - Rutgers University (NCAA D1)
Michael Garchitorena, Bergen Catholic HS - Yale University (NCAA D1)
Brenden Kelly, Bergen Catholic H.S. - Penn State (NCAA D1)
Jake Nelson, Bergen Catholic H.S. - Wagner College (NCAA D1)
Chris DeBellis, Ramapo H.S. - Fairfield University (NCAA D1)
Hunter Waldron, Rutgers Prep - Cabrini University (NCAA D3)
Ethan Gess, Glen Rock H.S. - Dickinson College (NCAA D3)
William Labortino, Montclair H.S. - NJIT (NCAA D1)
Liam Sayre, Don Bosco Prep - University of Scranton (NCAA D3)
Ryan Kennedy, Washingtonville, H.S. - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NCAA D3)
John Wright, Don Bosco Prep, - Virginia Military Institute (NCAA D1)
Robbie Almgren, Millburn H.S. - Union College (NCAA D3)
Joey Parisi, Tappan Zee H.S. - Pace University (NCAA D2)
Jack Lyman, The Kent School - Christopher Newport University (NCAA D3)
Zack Riegler, St. Joseph's Regional (NJ) - Cabrini University (NCAA D3)
Thomas Lee, Northern Valley H.S. - Moravian College (NCAA D3)
Stephen Barikyan, Tappan Zee H.S. - SUNY Oneonta (NCAA D3)
Ty Carroll, Cuthbertson H.S. (NC) - Cabrini University (NCAA D3)
Damien Blando, Don Bosco Prep - Manhattan College (NCAA D1)
Carter Wilmot, Don Bosco Prep - Dickinson College (NCAA D3)
Joe Prezinzano, Suffern H.S. - Ferrum College (NCAA D3)
Henry Painter, Montclair H.S. - University of Scranton (NCAA D3)
Mike Wakefield, Montclair H.S. - Virginia Military Institute (NCAA D1)
Connor Phillips, St. Joseph's Regional (NJ) - Eastern University (NCAA D3)
Kyle Loughlin, Bergen Catholic H.S. - Vassar College (NCAA D3)
Aiden DeJulius, Don Bosco Prep - York College (NCAA D3)
Eric Vogt, Warwick H.S. - Wentworth Institute of Technology (NCAA D3)
Aidan Johnston, Bergen Catholic H.S. - Oberlin College (NCAA D3)
Jason Levy, Westwood H.S. - Moravian College (NCAA D3)
Joe Shallo, Delaware Valley H.S. - Wilkes University (NCAA D3)
Gerardo Caltagirone, Tappan Zee H.S. (NY) - UMBC (NCAA D1)
Jack Norberto, Mahwah H.S. - Montclair State University (NCAA D3)
Evan Rosa, Pennington School (NJ) - Scranton University (NCAA D3)
Eric Vogt, Warwick H.S. (NY)- Wentworth Institute of Technology (NCAA D3)
Robert Nelson, Warwick H.S. (NY) - SUNY Oswego (NCAA D3)
James Farrelly, Clarkstown South H.S. (NY) - SUNY Plattsburgh (NCAA D3)
Damyan Bonilla, Monroe-Woodbury H.S. (NY) - SUNY Delhi (NCAA D3)
OB Sedransk, Montclair Kimberly Academy, Tufts University (NCAA D3)


Tommy Bourque, Ridgewood H.S. - Boston University (NCAA D1)
Jackson Crutchfield, Glen Ridge H.S. - Saint Joseph's University (NCAA D1)
Max Nolan, Bergen Catholic H.S. - Bucknell University (NCAA D1)
Michael Rasa, Wayne Hills H.S. - Manhattan College (NCAA D1)
Patrick Bronander, Glen Ridge H.S. - Saint Joseph's University (NCAA D1)
Griffin Brennan, Clarkstown South H.S. (NY) - University of Montevallo (NCAA D2)
Robert Zevzavadjian, St. Joseph's Regional H.S. (NJ) - Rutgers University (NCAA D1)
Jake Auerbach, Northern Highlands H.S. - Muhlenberg College (NCAA D3)
Nate Mazurek, Don Bosco Prep - University of Hartford (NCAA D1)
Riley Flores, Don Bosco Prep - Lynchburg College (NCAA D3)
Jack Wittmaack, Ridgewood, H.S. - University of Massachusetts (NCAA D1)
Eric Manfredonia, St. Joseph's Regional H.S. (NJ) - NJIT (NCAA D1)
Cole Schubert, Glen Ridge H.S. - Vassar College (NCAA D3)
Ryan Hamburger, West Essex H.S. - Fairfield University (NCAA D1)
Dan Negron, Bergen Catholic H.S. - Vassar College (NCAA D3)
Louden Sheehan, Bergen Catholic H.S. - Manhattan College (NCAA D1)
Troy Santise, St. Joseph's Regional H.S. - Vassar College (NCAA D3)
Liam Gill, Mt. Olive H.S. - Bridgewater College (NCAA D3)
Patrick Orapello, Wayne Hills, H.S. - Monmouth University (NCAA D1)
Ryan Monahan, Glen Ridge H.S. - York College (NCAA D3)
Luca Cardazzi, Clarkstown North H.S. (NY) - SUNY Polytechnic Institute (NCAA D3)
Jarred Richey, James O'Neil H.S. (NY) - Dominican College (NCAA D2)
Ryan Gass, Paramus H.S. - York College (NCAA D3)
Liam Tarleton, Ridgewood H.S. - University of Hartford (NCAA D1)
Nick Almanza, Bergen Catholic H.S. - Mount St. Mary's University (NCAA D1)
Liam Miller, Don Bosco Prep - Western New England University (NCAA D3)
Matt Focarino, Lakeland H.S. - Kean University (NCAA D3)
Chris Deehan, Whippany Park HS - Caldwell University (NCAA D3)
Kevin O'Brien-Bruno, Don Bosco Prep - Western Connecticut University (NCAA D3)
Dom DelPonte, St. Joseph's Regional H.S. - Le Moyne College (NCAA D2)
Jacob Sansone, Tappan Zee H.S. (NY) - SUNY Plattsburgh (NCAA D3)
Matt Leone, Madison H.S. - Rhodes College (NCAA D3)
Tyler Carrichner, Suffern H.S. (NY) - Lynn University (NCAA D2)
Aidan Starr, Valley Central H.S., Mount Saint Mary College (NY) (NCAA D3)
Javier Lacen, Monroe-Woodbury HS (NY) - Susquehanna University (NCAA D3)
Jeff Felter, Jefferson H.S. - Montclair State University (NCAA D3)
Chris Falbourn, Nanuet H.S. (NY) - SUNY Plattsburgh (NCAA D3)
Chris Yoler, Bergen Catholic H.S. - Lafayette College (NCAA D1)
Billy Gaul, Don Bosco Prep - University of Scranton (NCAA D3)
Jack Louer, Clifton H.S. - SUNY Maritime College (NCAA D3)



Gavin Peene, Ridgewood H.S. – United States Air Force Academy (NCAA D1)
James Hogan, Ridgewood H.S. – The Ohio State University (NCAA D1)
Justin Douenias, Glen Rock H.S. – Saint Joseph’s University (NCAA D1)
DJ Kelly, Bergen Catholic H.S. – Holy Cross (NCAA D1)
Christopher Crapanzano, Ridge H.S. – Saint Joseph’s University (NCAA D1)
Michael Lia, Ridgewood H.S. – Colgate University (NCAA D1)
Michael Buschbacher, Don Bosco Prep H.S. – Quinnipiac University (NCAA D1)
Matthew Holland, Randolph H.S. – Jacksonville University (NCAA D1)
Zach Olson, Pascack Valley H.S. – St. John’s University (NCAA D1)
Matthew Solleder, Don Bosco Prep H.S. – Lafayette College (NCAA D1)
Jack Greco, Randolph H.S. – Wagner College (NCAA D1)
Ryan Whelpley, Don Bosco Prep H.S. – Robert Morris University (NCAA D1)
Kevin Jaffe, St. Joseph's Regional H.S. - University of Hartford (NCAA D1)
Jack Gertie, New Providence H.S. - Monmouth University (NCAA D1)
Ryan LaForty, Ridgewood H.S. - Ithaca College (NCAA D3)
Nick Azzopardi, Wayne Hills, H.S. - Wagner College (NCAA D1)
Dylan Lawler, Randolph H.S. - Belmont-Abbey College (NCAA D2)
Tommy McGee, Bergen Catholic H.S. - Lafayette College (NCAA D1)
Sean Pottberg, Pearl River H.S. - Stevens Institute of Technology (NCAA D3)
Reese Gerlach, Don Bosco Prep H.S. - University of Hartford (NCAA D1)
Matt Diiorio, Pennington School, Hampden-Sydney College (NCAA D3)
Drew Skibniewski, Montclair H.S. - Wesleyan University (NCAA D3)
Kyle Kobylinski, Glen Ridge H.S. - Manhattan College (NCAA D1)
Tyler Strong, Glen Ridge H.S. - Cabrini College (NCAA D3)
Anthony Mazzella, Madison H.S. - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) (NCAA D3)
John Dagon, West Morris Central H.S. - DeSales University (NCAA D3)
Ege Zeybec, Glen Ridge H.S. - Vassar College (NCAA D3)
Matt Zuckerman, Morris Catholic H.S. - Johnson & Wales University (NCAA D3)
Gunnar Marks, Suffern H.S. (NY) - Chatham University (NCAA D3)



Jessie West, Sparta H.S. – Lehigh University (NCAA D1)
Stelios Kroudis, Sparta H.S. – Villanova (NCAA D1)
Jack Kennedy, Ridgewood H.S. – Syracuse University (NCAA D1)
Jack Barclay, Ridgewood H.S. – Lehigh University (NCAA D1)
Will Stevens, St. Peter’s Prep – Saint Joseph’s University (NCAA D1)
Cameron Herbert, Columbia H.S. – Bellarmine University (NCAA D1)
Kevin Reuther, Morristown, H.S. – Frostburg State University (NCAA D3)
Davis Moshier, Millburn H.S. – Rollins College (NCAA D2)
Walter Grabelkis, Don Bosco Prep H.S. – Catholic University (NCAA D3)
Thomas Consoli, Glen Rock H.S. – Catholic University (NCAA D3)
Aidan Toomey, Ridgewood H.S. – Colgate University (NCAA D1)
John Saunders, Westwood H.S. – Salve Regina University (NCAA D3)
Sebastian Gruber, Iona Prep – Merrimack College (NCAA D2)

Xavier Ritter, St. Peter’s Prep – NJIT (NCAA D1)
Matt Clohessy, Don Bosco Preparatory H.S. – Catholic University (NCAA D3)
Eddie Gallagher, Don Bosco Preparatory H.S. – Saint Anselm (NCAA D2)
Tim Fyock, Don Bosco Preparatory H.S. – Arcadia University (NCAA D3)
Will Vespole, St. Peter’s Prep – Swarthmore College (NCAA D3)
Wes Jacaruso, Don Bosco Preparatory H.S. – Scranton University (NCAA D3)
Vincent Riggio, Ridgewood H.S. – Ithaca College (NCAA D3)
Dylan Vespole, Montclair H.S. – University of Scranton (NCAA D3)
Cole Travia, Glen Ridge H.S. – Randolph-Macon College (NCAA D3)
Ian Groom, Bowie, MD – Hampton University (NCAA D1)
Trevor Jasen, Madison H.S. - Roanoke College (NCAA D3)
Jack Gruchacz, Millburn H.S. - DePauw University (NCAA D3)
Michael Kraus, Don Bosco Preparatory H.S., Stevens Tech (NCAA D3)


Charlie Messineo, Ridgewood H.S. – Colgate University (NCAA D1)
Jack Valentine, Sparta H.S. – University of Vermont (NCAA D1)
Quin Peene, Ridgewood H.S. – United States Air Force Academy (NCAA D1)
Ryan Kaye, Madison H.S. – Quinnipiac University (NCAA D1)
Edward May, Pope John H.S. – Marist College (NCAA D1)
Vincent D’Agostino, Caldwell H.S. – NJIT (NCAA D1)
Michael Wilson, Lakeland H.S. – Cleveland State (NCAA D1)
Tyler Grady, Glen Ridge H.S. – Wagner College (NCAA D1)
Sloan Ruhl, Ridgewood H.S. – Colorado College (NCAA D3)
Nick Krawchuk, Newton H.S. – NJIT (NCAA D1)
Jacob Sarrel, Morris Hills H.S. – Muhlenberg College (NCAA D3)
Frankie Dillon, Pingry – Swarthmore College (NCAA D3)
Chris Harris, Glen Ridge H.S. – University of Scranton (NCAA D3)
John (JP) Heppes, Bernards H.S. – Gwynedd Mercy University (NCAA D3)
Jake Simon, Pingry – Connecticut College (NCAA D3)
Jonny Bronander, Glen Ridge H.S. – Drew University (NCAA D3)
Nick Tarzanin, Morristown H.S. – Wheaton College (NCAA D3)
Jake Kontra, Oratory Prep – Richard Stockton University (NCAA D3)
Patrick Grahling, Madison H.S. – Wesleyan University (NCAA D3)
John Calicchio, Kent School – Babson College (NCAA D3)
Oliver Heins, Rumson-Fair Haven H.S. – MIT (NCAA D3)



Cooper Telesco, Ridgewood H.S. – Cornell University (NCAA D1)
Joshua Karp, Newark Academy – Colgate University (NCAA D1)
Wesley Moshier, Millburn H.S. – Lafayette College (NCAA D1)
Brett Kennedy, Ridgewood H.S. – Syracuse University (NCAA D1)
Andrew Chase, Summit H.S. – Lafayette College (NCAA D1)
Jake Southren, Randolph H.S. – Quinnipiac University (NCAA D1)
Owen Mead, Sparta H.S. – Rutgers University (NCAA D1)
Jon Creed, Avon Old Farms – Connecticut College (NCAA D3)
Matt Sanchez, Mount Olive H.S. – NJIT (NCAA D1)
Johnny Shahpazian, New Providence H.S. – Western New England University (NCAA D3)
Nate Johns, Glen Ridge H.S. – Swarthmore College (NCAA D3)

Michael Palmieri, New Providence H.S. – Roger Williams University (NCAA D3)
Griffin McGuire, Mendham H.S. – Richard Stockton University (NCAA D3)
Brendan Fee, Suffern H.S. – Endicott College (NCAA D3)
Jake Pepe, North Hunterdon H.S., Tampa University (NCAA D2)
Shawn Raum, Sachem North H.S., Mt. St. Marys (NCAA D1)
Wyatt Todd, Randolph H.S., Rollins College (NCAA D2)
AJ Curtiss, Caldwell H.S., Queens University (NCAA D2)
John Slater, New Providence H.S., Montclair State University (NCAA D3)
Al Falco, Sparta H.S., Stevenson University (NCAA D3)
Matt Barnes, Ridgewood H.S., Skidmore College (NCAA D3)
Justin Dalena, Madison H.S., Muhlenberg College (NCAA D3)
Tommy Bryant, Caldwell H.S., Cabrini College (NCAA D3)